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Clean It Right – Accommodations

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The tourism, hospitality and retail industry has been brought to a near standstill by the global spread of coronavirus and outbreaks of the COVID‐19 illness. What changes lie ahead for service providers and customers? To start, health safety will become an ever‐present factor. Customers will be hesitant to travel, shop and eat out during the post COVID‐19 period. We may see tourism, hospitality and retail businesses re‐brand themselves using cleanliness as a competitive advantage. There are many opportunities for tourism and hospitality businesses such as hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, restaurants and retailers to increase cleaning standards by using more resources on cleaning, taking extra time to meet new, tougher cleanliness standards, training employees on revised procedures and praising employees who put cleanliness as their top priority.

The Clean It Right program has been developed for the tourism, hospitality and retail industry in order to bring more concentrated efforts to improved cleaning procedures. One of the main purposes for the development of this new program was to assist in the recovery of the industry. Initially the commitment to incorporating these new cleaning standards will assist in re‐gaining customer confidence in returning to tourism, hospitality and retail businesses. In the future, these new standards will be what keep them coming back to these businesses in the years ahead.

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